Friday, May 2, 2014

Ainsi soit-il

Life is a journey and in every journey there comes a time that we are faced with surprises, uncertainties even events that we are not prepared. 
I call  living  an adventure. And when we chose God as our companion, that is when I named living an "adventure of love."

In our spiritual journey with God,  
He may take us to several “roads”
Some roads are smooth;
Some maybe rough;
Some roads could be brightly lit, but some maybe damp and dark.

All this years from the moment I began my  adventure of love on the road to perfect charity and if I can name one thing that I have learned and has helped me "live my life's journey" to pure JOY, it is: 

"Peace comes about only through acceptance." 
"Peace can never be achieved through resistance."

              There is no such thing as co-incidence in the plan of God.
                What has bound to happen has to happen
                Even in the most unassuming subjects
                Even in the most unexpected places and time.
                Even in the most crooked line, nor mind.
               God can draw a straight line, can enlighten minds.
               God can create a masterpiece even out of a lump of clay.
               God can make “all things new.”
               And because He is God,
               Every plan He has in mind is good.
               It may not be the way we perceive it
               But none the less, believe that
               God is LOVE.

 Let us pray:  
Dear God of my heart,
My Jesus,
I want what You want;
I want all that you want;
    as You want it,
   when You want it,
   where You want it,
   as long as You want it, and just because
   “You want it.”
   So be it. Amen+
   Ainsi soit-il 

Wounded Heart