Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Of You

I wrote this poem sometime ago for someone very special whom I met in God's Gift of Borrowed Time... We've journeyed together -- laughed together; cried together; explored thoughts of the heart and mind together; prayed together; meditated and reflected God's Words and God's Will together...
When we thought our time was over, then we realized, our time HAS JUST BEGAN...  

The Gift of You

I didn't know you are coming
In a moment of God's timing
Surely not of my own's planning
Little did I know it was my heart's yearning

Yes the Beloved knows us best
Even the right moment we should meet
A meeting of two souls, of two hearts
Nurtured by Love, prepared in time

Truly I've learned a lot from you
A world out there I can only see through you
A dance and motion I can only do with you
Songs and music I can only sing and play with you

I claim you as my gift
A precious one indeed
And with grateful heart
I would like to keep

Not a stumbling block
Not a distraction
But a presence, an inspiration
A soul like mine whose heart beats the love of God

Thank you my Lady,
You are my Gift
Through you I understood
The mystical love of Christ our Beloved

A love that is free
A love that is intense
It need not have a body
To trap its immensity

With you I will celebrate Love
With you I will breathe Love
With you I will live Love
With you I will be Love

Not wanting, not expecting
Nothing more than celebrating
True love, pure love, intense love
And just be love for Love Himself

The Gift of You I will cherish
As Jesus cherishes us both
Cuddled by His love
Kept in His Heart for eternity

I think my time now is approaching
To enter into a deep silence
I can hear the song we used to sing being played
While I write this poem for you

If I haven't say it yet,
Let me say it once again
I thank Jesus, our Beloved
For the gift of YOU

Remember me just like when we first met
You know where you will find me
"There" hidden a soul in constant vigil
Before The One Fasten on the Cross

----For Love---

"My lady, we shall meet again. Right now, the GIFT we received we shall GIVE it as a GIFT"
----For God who is Love---