Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Of You

I wrote this poem sometime ago for someone very special whom I met in God's Gift of Borrowed Time... We've journeyed together -- laughed together; cried together; explored thoughts of the heart and mind together; prayed together; meditated and reflected God's Words and God's Will together...
When we thought our time was over, then we realized, our time HAS JUST BEGAN...  

The Gift of You

I didn't know you are coming
In a moment of God's timing
Surely not of my own's planning
Little did I know it was my heart's yearning

Yes the Beloved knows us best
Even the right moment we should meet
A meeting of two souls, of two hearts
Nurtured by Love, prepared in time

Truly I've learned a lot from you
A world out there I can only see through you
A dance and motion I can only do with you
Songs and music I can only sing and play with you

I claim you as my gift
A precious one indeed
And with grateful heart
I would like to keep

Not a stumbling block
Not a distraction
But a presence, an inspiration
A soul like mine whose heart beats the love of God

Thank you my Lady,
You are my Gift
Through you I understood
The mystical love of Christ our Beloved

A love that is free
A love that is intense
It need not have a body
To trap its immensity

With you I will celebrate Love
With you I will breathe Love
With you I will live Love
With you I will be Love

Not wanting, not expecting
Nothing more than celebrating
True love, pure love, intense love
And just be love for Love Himself

The Gift of You I will cherish
As Jesus cherishes us both
Cuddled by His love
Kept in His Heart for eternity

I think my time now is approaching
To enter into a deep silence
I can hear the song we used to sing being played
While I write this poem for you

If I haven't say it yet,
Let me say it once again
I thank Jesus, our Beloved
For the gift of YOU

Remember me just like when we first met
You know where you will find me
"There" hidden a soul in constant vigil
Before The One Fasten on the Cross

----For Love---

"My lady, we shall meet again. Right now, the GIFT we received we shall GIVE it as a GIFT"
----For God who is Love--- 


  1. My heart led me to this as I went back to my dear friend Martha's post... I don't believe in accidents and for sure now, God doesn't make any mistakes. He just gives us gifts for He is such a generous Father.

    I am deeply blessed and grateful to have journeyed with you ~ I am struck that the Father will give us gifts only to give them away again... and there lies the supreme sacrifice.

    You wrote "Love is not love until it is given away," and for this we both offer this love back to our Lord Jesus Who is the author of our friendship.

    Oui, until we meet again ~ now begins your adventure. We'll meet in the Heart of Jesus and Mary ~ always ~ united in prayers.

    1. Yes, always will be united with you in the love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
      How short this life is... We have to seize the moment that is given us to journey with the Giver of gift.
      As the song goes, "our time has just began" - a journey to a new way of loving but for the same One, the Beloved whom we both love. Union dans l'amour et la priere du Christ + toujours MERCI!

  2. There is no greater love than what you have so eloquently expressed here, dear Daniel (my son's name!). All of our ability to give and receive love comes from God. And, as Melissa mentions, our Father makes no mistakes.
    May your journey to grow closer to the Lord bless the lives of many and convict the hearts of the wavering. May you ever feel the presence of our Father and our precious Savior, Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. May you grow in all goodness for the sake of God's Kingdom.
    Blessings, dear Daniel!

    1. Thank you Martha for stopping by and for your thoughtful prayers. Yes, I have just began my new journey with the Beloved. It's a new adventure of loving and finding Him in this new life He offered me and I trustingly embraced. Keep me in your prayers as I do to all of you whom I've met and became part of my family. In Jesus there is no such thing as virtual family -- as Jesus forms my life to become a full time prayer, be assured of my prayers always. And thank you! It was through your tweet that paved for this poem to be written. Mr. super squirrel!

  3. How beautiful, my dear brother. ❤️ And surely God is love, so naturally his children are filled with love too. A love that never dies .... unless one lets it (hope not). Thanks to God for letting me find you and our online family. Such precious gifts. ❤️

    1. Thank you my dear sister in Christ for leaving your traces in my journey experience. You said it right, God's love will never die and we should make sure His love remains alive in us as we continue our journey of finding Him in every gift He gives each day, we just have to look carefully, He is "there" in our midst, loving us! You are a gift Hilda to our on-line family. Keep your smile :)

    2. Aw i am nothing, but it gives me joy to know that my smile can make someone happy. :)

  4. This poem itself is a precious gift! Thank you very much.
    -Portia Burton

  5. The presence of the Lord is everywhere and it is a blessing to recognize Him through His gifts. I am equally blessed to be able to honor the Giver of the gift as I cherish His presence in his gift-precious indeed!
    Thank you for stopping by and honoring the Giver of the gift by your comment. God Bless you on your journey of faith..
    Should it merit your time, I'll be grateful if you do leave your traces on my other journey experiences,

  6. ***holding onto your leg NOOOooooo don't go! :P
    Thank you my dear brother for visiting my blog. Oh how i miss you! And i miss tickling your feet :P God bless you always. ❤️

  7. You're welcome my sister :D
    I visit your blog often and I will leave my traces everywhere hahahaha!
    In case you wonder, I'm still doing the dishes (joyfully)
    God bless. Keep smiling and the world will smile with you. Take care !

    1. Yay!!! Aw, so happy you enjoy doing the dishes. I wouldn't want you to be doing what you don't enjoy doing. I hope I didn't confuse you there. LOL! You need a dishwasher machine to help you do dishes. :P

      More smiles for you, my brother. And even more for you from God. :D