Friday, April 18, 2014


I could hear her voice saying, 

"Me? How can that be possible?" when she heard the voice "I chose you".... 

When one is "called" the person knew it. Only the one who have been called can hear the voice. The question lies on the freedom of the one chosen to say, "YES"... 
(cf ccc488)

"Mary untied the knot's of Eve's disobedience by her obedience" - St. Ireneus

 Let it be done unto me. (ccc494) ....

In the garden, our first parents broke their relationship with Love [God] through pride; 

It is fitting then that healing took place in the garden through humility...

Everything is possible with love and in their humanity, they prove that we are capable to do the same- let go of our preference for greater good, for the good of many .

For true and perfect love  means saying “YES” to sacrifice in the service of and for Love, when we hear the "voice" calling us to  love...

A sword pierced her heart at the sight of her Son..

His side was pierced by a soldier's lance ...  

Their lives were intertwined from the beginning to the end... 
       Their hearts are one+, consecrated to and for Love.

Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Ainsi soit-il [Amen]

Mary, with your yes, you gave flesh to the Son of God.
Jesus by embracing the Cross on Good Friday, you gave me  hope to look forward to my Resurrection,  my Easter Sunday - my perfect JOY .

Thank you.


  1. I can't wait for Sunday because it is a happy day. Good Friday is so sad even though I know Jesus died for us so we can be saved, I truly am grateful to Him, but His sufferings He went through makes me sad. :(

    1. Good Friday is part of the plan of God. It seems so sad but actually "glory" is veiled on the Cross. The Cross is our triumph! Easter is preceded by Crucifixion. The offering has to be perfect because we are worth everything for Him. Keep your smile, Jesus loves to see your smile. God Bless.

    2. Awww, okay I will my dear brother! Thank you so much!! **hugs :D ❤️

  2. To be 'chosen' and be involved ~ with a simple yes to total surrender of self; to be intertwined ~ with lives revolving on love ~ these are great mysteries which you have finely captured in your reflections.

    And amazing how these lives can be re-lived and can be experienced at this time by ordinary people living in two different worlds, different cultures, age.

    Truly a sublime relationship of the twin hearts+

    *a preview of the next twin post*

    Thank you for journeying with us ~ Good Friday-Easter.

    In prayers and love, we are always one+

    1. Love is a great mystery. Only those who desire to penetrate the fullness and essence of True love exemplified by the one fastened on the Cross could understand it. What a privilege to journey with you all towards the road of True Love. Let's hasten to accompany the "adventure of true love" with the Bridegroom! Oui, in prayers we are always united.... always one+

  3. Oh, i clicked on my name on your blog here on the top right of the screen and it takes me to a different website. LOL!

    1. Aww you fixed the link. ❤️ thank you so much!! :D